11 Nov 2018 AT 09:16 AM

Dubai Design Week 2018: Three things to see this week

Dubai Design Week brings the creativity back to the emirate once again
11 Nov 2018 AT 09:16 AM
Dubai Design Week 2018: Three things to see this week
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If there is one place in the world that’s associated with inventive, creative design, it’s Dubai. You've only need to look up at the ever-evolving architecture to gauge that.

Which is why Dubai Design Week the region’s largest creative festival, is so highly anticipated this year.

The six-day long festival runs between November 12-17, and here’s the long and short of what it's all about: Creative types from across all fields come together to offer an all-encompassing insight into the future of form and function.

Whether your interest is in interior innovations or graphic design advances, there’s plenty of happenings to cater to your innovative quirks.

Design week sleeping at your desk Sleeping at your desk has never been so easy thanks to this design by Gabriela Szalanska that's part of the Global Grad Show at D3 this week. 

Across the district expect entertainment (educational, of course) in the form of one-off events, colourful exhibitions, product showcases, thought-provoking talks, hands-on workshops, and unique interactive experiences.

Oh, and in order to ensure your imagination is never squashed by cost, the entire event is free of charge. So all that’s left is for you to feel inspired.

Three to see:

The Creative Gym: A workshop in which visitors will be handed wacky design prompts to see how they flex the brain.
Details: November 15, 10-11am

Belief in AI: This conference will brunch together forces from fields such as engineering and academia to discuss AI.
Details: November 12, 10-pm

Making Space: Visit the pop-up studio throughout the weel for different family-friendly activities to sink teeth into. 
Details: Daily, 10am-10pm

Events take place in various locations across Dubai. Head to dubaidesignweek.ae for more information.