Nathan Irvine20 Dec 2018 AT 12:23 PM

NYE Dubai 2018: Fatman Scoop interview

The chart-topper returns to Barasti for an epic New Year's Eve party
Nathan Irvine20 Dec 2018 AT 12:23 PM
NYE Dubai 2018: Fatman Scoop interview

What’s the best part about performing in Dubai?
I would say that it’s the energy, and the city itself. I’m not a hot weather person, I love cold weather, but there’s something about touching down at DXB airport and driving on Sheikh Zayed Road and seeing the buildings and the Burj Khalifa. It’s just all of that stuff together. The Burj Khalifa – I’ve been there a lot – it’s probably one of the most magical buildings on the planet in terms of the energy that’s in there. The vibe is the best part of performing in a city like Dubai.

What can partygoers expect from your set at Barasti?
I always do the same thing – I go in hard. I make people party. I have the same seven records that have been hits for a long time now, but it’s how I put it together, it’s how I make the audience feel. It’s what I do after I finish performing. It’s when I DJ, it’s when I go into the crowd and interact with people. It’s when I get down and get in people’s faces and see their eyes, that really resonates. The songs are songs, it’s what you do in between that makes a performance.

If you weren’t a global superstar what do you think you’d be doing for a living now?
That’s a very easy answer, I would be a pilot! I originally wanted to be a pilot, but at the time you had to go to the military, there was no flight school. Secondly, I’m very bad at maths. I’m good at communication and making people laugh, but I’m really bad at maths and you need that to become a pilot. One of my dreams is to land a 747 – that’s on my bucket list. It’s funny because I’m always travelling somewhere, so I'm living the life of a pilot.

At what point did you realise you’d made it in the industry?
It was just on auto-pilot – there wasn’t a point when I realised I really made it. Actually, the morning that the box came with my Grammy in it and I opened it up and I looked at it and I was like, you know what, I can do anything again in my life, but you can’t take this away from me. That was like my college diploma for the music industry.

Describe what your ideal New Year’s Eve plays out like…
Exactly what’s going to happen in Dubai because I don’t like to be anywhere but on the stage on New Year’s Eve. To me, the way I spend it is going to be how I spend my entire year and it’s always rang true. However, if I was doing something other than being on stage, I think it would be in a cabin in somewhere like Colorado, Alaska, or Iceland. Some cold location, preferably in the United States because I’d want to have all the things you have in the U.S and I’d want to be on the same time zone. But I’d love to be in a snowy chalet, surrounded by family and friends. In a warm and cosy place with snow falling down.

Who’s your favourite artist you've collaborated with?
There are so many that I couldn’t even tell you. That is a question for when I drop the mic on my career. The thing about collaborations in my time, right at the end of my time when it started to go to the internet phase we are in now, no one is ever in a room for a collaboration anymore. It’s never people in the same room talking or collaborating anymore, it’s in separate studios. One of the most memorable ones was probably Lose Control because I was actually in the room with Ciara, and at the end when I’m singing “go CC, back it up girl”, that was made from me ad-libbing when she was dancing. So, those kinds of things make for great moments.

What are your feelings on making New Year's resolutions?
I don’t believe in New Year resolutions because I believe you should do it now – don’t wait until December 31, you know? Do that now! My son was saying, "I’m going to wait until 2019..." and I’m like, don’t wait until then, bro, do this now! Sure, when I was young, I’d say “I’m going lose weight” or “I'm going to exercise more”, but I’ve learnt that you have to act now, you can’t wait.

OK, but have you ever made one? How long did it last?
I would say last year or the year before. My New Year’s resolution was to keep better records. I messed it up a little and I’m going back to it this year and I’m going to stick to it. I mean, my aim is to keep really accurate records for all of my financial stuff.

Do you have a 2019 resolution? What is it?
My 2019 resolution would be to be more active in the music industry. I’ve released a lot of records with a lot of people. “This person featuring Fatman Scoop”. I don’t have any “Fatman Scoop featuring…”. So my goal this year is to put my name out on records and just be consistent and in my mind, let people know that I’m alive. Where I lead the record, where I am the featured artist, where it’s my video, my Vevo channel. It’ll be tough because consistency is the hardest thing in the world but you try, and that’s what matters.

Time: 7pm-4am
Where: Le Meridien Mina Syahi Beach Resort & Marina Dubai Marina
Price: From AED180
Tickets: 800Tickets