30 Jan 2019 AT 01:32 PM

Othello is coming to Dubai Opera this week and you can still get tickets

Sponsored: One of William Shakespeare’s most-loved tales is not one to be missed
30 Jan 2019 AT 01:32 PM
Othello is coming to Dubai Opera this week and you can still get tickets

For a play penned in 1603, Othello is still discussed, devoured and loved all over the world in 2019.

But for the very first time, a production of one of William Shakespeare’s finest pieces of work will come to the stage right here at the stunning Dubai Opera.

In fact, it’s the venue’s first ever play – and it’s certainly not one to be missed.

Having set up in London, the incredible production by The Oxford Playhouse - featuring the unbeatable talents of lead actor Victor Oshin and director Richard Twyman - is landing in Dubai this week.

So you better be quick if you’re keen to see the script sensation brought to life (and why wouldn’t you be?!) as the production will only be showing between the dates of January 30 and February 2.

And with tickets to watch the phenomenal play starting at just AED150, it’s a super affordable way to spend your weekend somewhere other than brunch…

In case you’re unfamiliar with the plot and theme of Othello (how you’ve escape the dozen or so Hollywood adaptations to date, we’re unsure) the story focuses on the titular character’s marriage to Desdemona coming under threat due to a jealous, deceitful soldier called Iago.

A tale of prejudice, betrayal and social injustice set in sixteenth-century Venice, the dramas that unfold are still endlessly relatable and intriguing today.

Jasper Hope, Chief Executive at Dubai Opera, said: "Shakespeare may have written Othello 400 years ago, but the story is nonetheless completely contemporary in so many regards.

"I am so excited to announce that our first play at Dubai Opera will be the English Touring Theatre critically-acclaimed production of this great tragedy and that world-class theatre can now be added to our terrific range of outstanding live performance."

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What: Othello
Where: Dubai Opera, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Blvd
When: January 30 – February 2
Price: From AED150
Contact: dubaiopera.com