24 Feb 2019 AT 01:27 PM

“Will Smith is the biggest celebrity surprise – he’s filled with so much energy”

Dubai-born musician DJ Bliss fills us in on fatherhood and the how the local music scene has grown
24 Feb 2019 AT 01:27 PM
“Will Smith is the biggest celebrity surprise – he’s filled with so much energy”

Hi DJ Bliss. You were born and raised in Dubai – what makes the music scene here different?
It’s continuously growing. The way music has shaped me and my city is so beautiful to watch because we’re able to absorb all types of music, genres no matter the origin. With that, I’ve been able to witness the love for music expand throughout the city for Dubai locals and everyone who calls this city home.

What’s been your favourite place to perform?
In 2016, I opened for the Wiz Khalifa concert here in Dubai and the energy was phenomenal. It was euphoric watching my city light up with that much energy and the crowd was insane! I also started an urban party called 411 Saturdays at Crystal – those were epic parties and I’ve had some of my favourite memories there.

Tell us about your latest track...
It’s Your Birthday is a very feel-good anthem that I think everyone is going to enjoy. It’s got a pop sound mixed with a bit of afro-beat and of course, I had to add my signature Arabic touch to it.

You’ve met loads of people in the industry over the years. Who was the biggest surprise?
Definitely Will Smith. He doesn’t make you feel like he’s a celebrity, when you’re with him and talking to him and he’s filled with great energy. He’s super fun to be around and you learn so much from him.

So, you have a friend from out of town here for the day… Where do you take them?
I’d definitely show them Old Dubai. Give them a taste of both sides of Dubai and the OG sides of Deira and Bur Dubai.

Sounds fun. You’ve also just had a baby boy! How is fatherhood treating you?
It’s been amazing. One of the best things I’ve ever experienced and it really has made me live my life a different way through a different lens. It’s already changed me so much.

Why did you decide to keep the news a secret for quite some time when you share the rest of your life online?
At first, my wife just wanted to keep her pregnancy low-key. Then when he was born, I really wanted to cherish that experience just with my family. I do share everything, especially on social media, and this is something that was actually just for me. But eventually, I did want to share it with the world and spread the joy my family gave me with others.

If you had to have a totally different career – not related to music in anyway – what would it be?
I would’ve definitely been a barber. I opened my own barbershop years ago called Beats and Cuts, and I’ve always loved the artistry of barbering and meeting new people. I definitely can’t cut or shave hair, but it’s a very important aspect of urban culture as well so I’ve always appreciated it.

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