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Comedian Jason Byrne is returning to McGettigan’s, and he can’t wait



If you’re heading down to McGettigan’s in JLT over the course of the next two nights you’re in for a treat as comedian Jason Byrne will be taking to the stage and performing live.

Prepare for your sides to split as the Irishman brings his unique brand of humour to Dubai, a city he has performed in for many years, both tonight and tomorrow.

“I’ve been performing in Dubai since 2010,” Byrne tells ShortList, as we catch up in the afternoon sun ahead of his two gigs.

“The city has changed so much in that time but I really enjoy coming here, it’s great and there’s always so much going on.

“It was actually at McGettigan’s I played my first gig over here. The audience is mainly made up of English, Irish and Australian ex-pats, so it should be fun.”

An established performer on the comedy circuit, Byrne, who hails from Dublin, has appeared on the BBC’s Live at the Apollo, as well as hosting his own radio show.

Currently, he is one of four judges on Ireland’s Got Talent, alongside Louis Walsh, Denise Van Outen and Michelle Visage.

“It’s crazy because since appearing on that show I’ve become so much more well-known,” he explains.

“The funny thing is, I wear dark glasses on the show, so I’ve kind of become more recognisable in glasses, if I take them off nobody knows it’s me. Now I know how Clark Kent felt!”

Over the years, Byrne has become renowned for the manner in which he involves audience members in his shows, and it’s safe to assume those sitting near the stage should be prepared to be a potential star for the night.

The Irishman has played in all manner of cities across the globe, and asked to pick out his favourite he plumps for a famous European destination, although one not exactly renowned for its love of comedy.

“Paris is great,” he says. “I once played a gig over there and for the first 30 minutes the audience were completely silent, but then they eventually bought into it and really enjoyed it. After that I developed a bit of a following over there.

“After the attacks there in 2015, they wanted to bring a load of comedians over to put on a show, because at that point people were scared to go outside, so I went over there and performed at the event and it was brilliant.

“I’ve had some strange ones though. I once played a gig in Antwerp where nobody spoke a word of English and I had somebody on stage translating the whole performance. That was odd, especially given the fact lots of people in Belgium speak English.”

Odd, indeed, but there will be no language barrier this weekend so head down to McGettigan’s and enjoy a few drinks while watching a top comedian in action.

When: April 25-26
Where: McGettigan’s JLT, Bonnington Hotel, Cluster J
Price: AED120 per person

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