Darragh Murphy15 May 2019 AT 11:06 AM

Dubai to host huge Game of Thrones party

Experience the official soundtrack ‘For the Throne’ featuring songs with Travis Scott and The Weeknd
Darragh Murphy15 May 2019 AT 11:06 AM
Dubai to host huge Game of Thrones party

Can you believe the series finale of Game of Thrones is only a week away? It’s been a long journey (filled with a lot of politics and tragedies), and to get us hyped for the last episode, Comicave Dubai has a special treat in store.

The massive comics and collectibles superstore at the Dubai Outlet Mall is hosting a huge Game of Throne audio VR party to celebrate the release of the shows official soundtrack ‘For the Throne.’

Taking place this weekend (Friday May 17), Thrones will get to experience all the tunes in an “immersive setting” thanks to a Sony Music Middle East’s Sonic Surf Spatial Audio technology. It’s an exclusive musical experience not to be missed.

The musical experience kicks off at 9.30pm until 10pm, so make sure you don’t miss it. Best part? It’s completely free to attend.

The brand-new album features the epic lead single “Power Is Power” by SZA, The Weeknd and Travis Scott, which came out a week ago on YouTube with a full-on Game of Thrones-inspired video.

The Rolling Stone has already commented on one of the albums songs, Kindom of One, saying: “Haunting, lovely and thoroughly cinematic, just like the show itself.” We’re getting chills already.

That’s not all, as from 10pm there will be a panel of special guests for an interactive Q&A about the soundtrack that will explore how the artists involved in the OST produced music that sought inspiration from the storyline.

Special guests featuring in the panel include Mohammad Rayan Bailouni, executive producer, singer and founder of CTG Productions, talented composer Reiner Erlings, award-winning writer and director from Jordan Razan Takash and many more.

Ever wanted to be pictured on the Iron Throne? Of course you do, so make sure you get yourself a picture on it before you head off.

For more info about the event, be sure to head to the events Facebook page, or call +971 4 423 7979.

Winter is (sadly) coming to an end, but this soundtrack will soften the blow.

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Price: Free to attend
When: Friday May 17, 9.30pm-midnight
Where: Comicave, Dubai Outlet Mall, Al Ain Road
Contact: +971 4 423 7979