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Irish comic Tommy Tiernen comes to Dubai



For a man who swears in industrial quantities, a gig in Dubai might prove to be something of a challenge. It might be like trying to write a novel without using the letter “e”. Indeed, with a routine that delivers a high-volume, Lenny Bruce-like disrespect of everything and everyone, one wonders what Irish comedian Tommy Tiernan is going to talk about for the duration of his set at the Irish Village in late March. Especially when you consider he is famous for taking on subjects such as race and religion.

But there is more to the 45-year-old than fire, brimstone and four-letter words. Few comedians since Billy Connolly have managed to weave shaggy stories into performance art with quite the same verve as Tiernan, with much of his performance involving skits and riffs that are entirely improvised.

Tiernan has earned plaudits for his irreverent take on his homeland, and the ability of the Irish to travel far and wide might well be a natural subject for a set delivered in an Irish pub in the heart of the Middle East not long after St. Patrick’s Day.

He might be controversial but he’s also an extremely gifted perfomer.

Tommy Tiernan will appear at The Irish Village on March 26. Doors open 7pm.

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