25 Aug 2019 AT 03:09 PM

Dubai dancers triumph on world stage

The StepUp Academy won a host of awards at an event in USA
25 Aug 2019 AT 03:09 PM
Dubai dancers triumph on world stage

A UAE-based Performing Arts Academy has brought home seven awards from a recent competition which was held in Florida, USA.

Among the prizes were three Gold and four High Silvers, with 20 StepUp dancers, all aged between seven and 18, rewarded for their fantastic performances at the event.

Students from StepUp Academy, which holds classes across Dubai, competed at the World Dance Competition in categories such as as Jazz, Contemporary, Ballet, Tap, Hip-Hop, and Musical Theatre, where they went up against other entrants from all across the globe.

As well as winning seven awards, StepUp Academy came third overall in the Junior Intermediate Category thanks to their lyrical dance, Footprints in the Sand, which was choreographed by the Academy’s Director, Vicky Lovering Parker.

StepUp also picked up a Judge’s Special Award for their production dance, All Around the World, on what was a memorable day for the Academy.

Lovering Parker, who helped organise the trip, paid tribute to the collective hard work.

“This was an amazing opportunity for our students who performed exceptionally well on the international stage,” she said. “We couldn’t be prouder of our girls and want to say a huge thank you to them for all their hard work and commitment, and to their parents for their support in making this happen.

"Success like this doesn’t happen overnight and it’s been an enormous team effort and we strive together to get better each day.”