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EXHIBITION: Expressions to Nepal



Nepal has been in the news for the worst of reasons in 2015. The mountain state, home to highest peak in the world, was struck by a devastating earthquake in April, ruining not only monuments and buildings, but tens of thousands of lives and livelihoods.

The days before the disaster, Iranian photographer and artist Sara Masinaei had been capturing intimate portraits of the people as they coped with their daily struggles and celebrated their everyday joys. Her pictures include religious rituals at the ancient temple in Bhaktapur, children by the Bagmati river and farmers in Lalitpur. The result is a group of engaging photographs that offer an insight into life in Nepal as it was immediately before the earthquake.

They have been assembled in a new exhibition called Expressions To Nepal, which is on display at The Mine gallery in Al Quoz, Dubai from July 8.

My first impulse after hearing the news was to go back and find all the people I had met during my travels,” she says of her otherwise fortunate decision to leave three days before the disaster, “to help with rescue and relief aids, to do something, anything but sitting idle and glued to the news.”

Knowing she would hardly be able to offer meaningful help, she instead determinedly and diligently selected and reselected a gallery of photographs to exhibit in Dubai in the endeavour to raise awareness and funds.

All of the proceeds from the exhibition will support the Red Crescent’s development projects in Nepal.

Expressions to Nepal

Where: The Mine, Al Quoz

When: Jul 8
Start: 19:00


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