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ANOTHER shark spotted in Dubai marina



Only a few weeks ago we posted this video of what looks like a shark swimming around The Palm Jumeirah. Another shark sighting has almost broken the internet today, with video footage on twitter of a Whale shark in Dubai marina.

The short video, posted to Twitter by @khatra3, clearly shows the shark below one of the walkways opposite Cayan Tower.

Crowds of people gathered to take snaps on their phones and upload to social media. Facebook user Amer Al-Saleh also posted a picture of the huge beast writing, “happening now in Dubai Marina.”

Some genius has already created the shark its own Twitter account, because… of course!

While comments currently range from the terrifed,”What! Take care of yourself!” to the mocking, “Whale, whale, whale, take a look at that,” there’s actually no need to be alarmed. Whale sharks aren’t usually dangerous to people. It’s probably just got a little lost on it’s way – get home soon big guy!

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