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Experts say Dubai winter will start on October 27



Okay, it’s the news we have all been waiting six months for. And it’s getting close…The ShortList team has been carefully analysing all the long range weather forecasts for Dubai, and we can unsafely predict this: winter will officially start on October 27!

Now with near 100 percent humidity (more on that here) it may not feel like that just yet. But our poll of polls on the weather leads to one conclusion: cold (well, by Dubai standards) weather is around the corner. The last two days of extreme heat are likely to be the October 25 and 26 with heavy clouds and possible thunder storms. If that happens as predicted, by October 27 the temperatures will fall rapidly to 30 degrees in the day and 24 degrees at night.

After that, it should start gradually cooling into the low twenties through November.

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