Sarah Garden06 Oct 2015 AT 04:09 PM

Instagram logo on the Burj Al Arab

You’ve probably wondered why it’s there…
Sarah Garden06 Oct 2015 AT 04:09 PM
Instagram logo on the Burj Al Arab

If you’re wondering why there’s been a giant Instagram logo projected onto the Burj Al Arab, wonder no more. The projection is for Instagram’s fifth birthday, as part of celebrations taking place all over the world.

The photo-sharing site has come a long way over the years, with over 40 billion pictures uploaded. Burj Al Arab was chosen as the location for the company’s 12th worldwide InstaMeet. As part of the celebrations, you may have seen some #WWIM12_Burj tagging on the social network, as Dubai members of the Instagram community interacted through filters.

The networks sixth ever employee, Amy Cole, is in Dubai to lead the MENA celebrations. “People are communicating visually and using images to experience the world around them, and this is incredibly true in the UAE and Middle East,” said Amy Cole, Brand Development Lead EMEA, Instagram. “With the high smartphone penetration in the Middle East, these devices in our pockets have caused a shift in communication, from words to images. With 80 million photos posted to Instagram every day, if something is happening, it’s likely being captured on Instagram.”

Instagram by Numbers

400 billion – Pictures uploaded

3.5 billion – Likes per day

75 – Percent of users outside the US

1 – Facebook paid a round billion dollars for Instagram