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Dubai to Abu Dhabi commute in 15 minutes?



As if the UAE isn’t looking futuristic enough between Star Trek and Star Wars film crews, things could be about to get seriously high-tech. At least if co-founder of Planetary Resources, Peter Diamandis, has his way.

He’s in the UAE to scope out plans for a “hyperloop” – basically a vacuum tunnel that will propel commuters between Dubai and Abu Dhabi at 1,220 kilometres per hour.

Running parallel to the road, it’s not get clear whether the hyperloop would be built above or below ground. What we do know is that the vacuumed tube would contain a passenger capsule which could shoot between the two cities like a bullet.

The UAE is one of many countries that the team is scoping out. “Hyperloop is about reinventing transportation,” Mr Diamandis told media. “This is about the future. This is like how mobile telephony reinvented the world many times over.”

The technology was drawn up by Elon Musk, a rocket scientist and the entrepreneur behind SpaceX – an aerospace manufacturing company.

Full scale testing will be completed next year, and, if the UAE give the project the green light, we could be commuting between Dubai and Abu Dhabi in a flash.

Though it may sound scary, these guys know what they’re talking about. During questioning they pointed out that most accidents (on roads, train tracks etc.) happen due to human error. If you remove the possibility of that, by making the whole thing operated by machines as hyperloop have done, it should make travelling safer.

Sounds good to us. So what does 1,220kmph feel like? “You will feel the acceleration thrust, like a very fast, powerful car,” said Craig Hodgetts, head of design. “But you will feel almost no sense of motion while travelling. You will mainly experience getting there and stopping.”

Bring on 2020.

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