Sarah Garden19 Oct 2015 AT 03:27 PM

New Dubai Police radar to catch speeders

Better stick to the speed limit
Sarah Garden19 Oct 2015 AT 03:27 PM
New Dubai Police radar to catch speeders
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Gitex Technology Week has unveiled a lot of cool new plans to make Dubai even better. But this mobile radar being showcased is more about safety than fancy gimmicks.

The new radar is able to automatically identify and catch motorists who are breaking the speed limit. The in-built technology just requires the officer to choose the speed limit for any given street or area, and drive around – the mobile radar does the rest.

According to Lt Col Hussain Ahmad Bin Ghalita, Director of the Traffic Technologies Department at Dubai Traffic Police, the radar should stop people from simply abiding by the speed limit in areas which are known to have police cameras.  

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“The idea from this new radar technology is for us to change people’s traffic culture, as people speed, then slow down just before the radars,” he told Gulf News. “We want people to abide by the speed limit all the time. The radar is very discreet and people would not be able to tell which patrols are fitted with it. ”

The radar has a camera and a flash fitted, so it can clock speeders automatically, just as the static speed cameras do. Although it’s not currently in any normal police cars, it’s expected to be used by Dubai Police 4x4s and undercover patrol cars.

It may sound a little confusing – how can a moving speed camera accurately calculate how fast another car is going? But the clever radar is able to sense how fast it’s moving to give an accurate reading of the other car’s speed.

“Our aim is to teach people to abide by traffic rules at all times, which is for their own safety,” he added. It’s hoped that this is a step to improving traffic culture in the city.