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Dubai Ruler wants your suggestions



HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Ruler of Dubai and Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE, has reached out to Dubai residents asking them to help build the “best city in the world.”

A website has been set up with a virtual majlis, allowing people to submit ideas, comments and suggestions. Sheikh Mohammed tweeted to tell people about the initiative.

“Our traditional majlis is open, our smart majlis is open, the door is open for everyone to make their mark on Dubai’a future. Building successful societies is a continuous process of development, government is part of the team and not the whole team,” he wrote. “Ideas and comments are appreciated to build the best city in the World.”

Making the majlis open to all nationalities, a website has been created in English and Arabic, and those who would like to share their views should visit

According to reports there is also a smart council made up of 30 government authorities as part of the same initiative. They will use the comments collected for brainstorming sessions.

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Sheikh Mohammed has also been Tweeting about Emirates Airlines celebrating its 30th birthday. Reflecting the big plans he has for the city as a whole he wrote: “Our vision for Dubai is clear: we are not building the largest airports in the world. We are building the aviation capital of the world.”

If you’d like to make your mark, you can visit the e-majlis here.

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