29 Oct 2015 AT 12:20 PM

Dubai no.1 trending destination for New Year

Is Dubai the world’s favourite?
29 Oct 2015 AT 12:20 PM
Dubai no.1 trending destination for New Year
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We might be a little bit biased, but Dubai is possibly the best New Year’s Eve destination in the world. The fireworks, the parties and, this year, Martin Garrix and David Guetta are playing us into 2016. But it seems that we’re not the only ones who are keen to see the clock strike 12 in the UAE.

According to www.kayak.com, flight searches for Dubai over New Year have increased 70 percent on last year, making it their customers number one trending destination in the world, beating popular NYE cities such as Barcelona and Rio de Janeiro. Dubai put its stamp on the globe in 2013 when it broke the record for the largest firework display in the world, with 479,651 shells fired in six minutes.

In fact, the top ten has a few unexpected destinations on the list, with Cartagena in Columbia coming in at number two, having increased its search rate by 68 percent. The city’s fiesta atmosphere and street carnivals may have something to do with its blossoming reputation.

Top 10

1.       Dubai, UAE

2.       Cartagena, Columbia

3.       Barcelona, Spain

4.       Reykjavik, Iceland

5.       Tokyo, Japan

6.       Atlanta, US

7.       Santiago, Chile

8.       Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

9.       Chicago, US

10.   Vancouver, Canada

The list is compiled based on flight searches on airfares from the US and Canada, so while the stats show a huge growth in popularity from that corner of the world, it doesn’t take into account global figures. Still, it’s a strong indication that Dubai is becoming one of the world’s New Year’s Eve capitals.