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Dubai temperatures to plunge on Thursday



Finally, finally… it looks like winter is coming (an in-joke for you Game of Thrones fans). And pretty soon. According to a wide range of weather forecasts, daytime temperatures in Dubai could plunge by up to 8 degrees celsius on Thursday!

Most forecasts suggest Wednesday will not be quite as sweltering as it has been, but it’ll still be one of the last hot day for many months. Temperatures are forecast to be as high as 36 degree celsius – but diving to a daytime high of just 28 degrees celsius on Thursday. And as for the next two months, weather reports suggest that we could see temperatures sticking below 30 degrees. It’s also going to start getting much cooler at night, with temperatures close to 20 degrees by Sunday.

As for rain? No sign whatsoever, at least not in the next ten days.

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