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Watch the spectacular Leonid meteor shower in Dubai tonight



Hopefully it will be clear skies tonight, as Dubai is said to be a great place to watch the ongoing Leonid Meteor Shower. According to reports, the evening of November 16 is the best time to see this natural phenomenon, with between 10 to 15 meteors per hour expected between midnight and sunrise.

The shooting stars will be visible to the naked eye, so although you may want to watch with binoculars or a telescope, you should be able to enjoy it without any equipment. It’s best to watch from an area of complete darkness to appreciate the full spectacle.

It takes the eye around 10 minutes to adapt to the sky’s darkness, so don’t expect to see anything immediately, but will a little patience, you should spot quite a good show.

It’s not going to be as impressive as the last meteor shower visible from the UAE, however, those who watch closely should still see multiple meteors race through the sky at random intervals.

Why does it happen? Here comes the science. The Earth is moving through dust behind a comet named Tempel-Tuttle, and tiny pieces of debris in the atmosphere catch fire, causing a meteor shower. And when we say tiny, we mean tiny – the pieces of debris are only around the size of a pea. The Leonids, which strike the Earth’s atmosphere at 158,000 mph making it the fastest meteor shower, appear to be coming from Leo the Lion constellation (hence the name).

The weather is expected to be calm and clear tonight, so hopefully those who stay up late enough will have a beautiful view.

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