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Five things to see at Big Boys Toys



Imagine asking Bruce Wayne, Bill Gates and Richard Branson what they want for their birthday. Then combine them. The result would probably look something like Big Boys Toys, the sixth edition of which takes place this weekend

in Abu Dhabi. Over AED400 million-worth of automobiles, tech-gadgets and ludicrously extravagant lifestyle products will be on display for guests to ogle at, drool over and generally covet with adolescent ardour as ADNEC is transformed into the quintessential adult’s playground. Here’s our pick of the highlights:

1. The Tumbler

A replica of Batman’s ride in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight series, this 5.7 litre beast sports a Chevrolet Corvette engine and, more importantly, propane tanks which shoot fire – ideal for those irritating tailgaters down the SZR. Owning the Batmobile will set you back around AED3 million. But what price street cred?

2. Motorcycle Mania

Of the many motorcycles parking up at the event, which range from the carefully customised to the downright decadent, the Bienville Legacy from the American Design and Master-Craft initiative Foundation will take centre stage. Set for delivery in 2016, it is touted as one of the fastest four-cylinder motorcycles ever built. And it can all be all yours, as long as you bring AED1.3 million with you.

3. Behind the wheel

Of course, no luxury product show worth its salt would skimp on the supercars, especially not in the UAE, and this year’s visitors will be given the chance to unleash some of the world’s finest on the road. A selection of 50 slick motors will be available for a spin on the Super Car Test Drive Pit to drivers over the age of 21. Just don’t forget your licence.

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4. Local tech – ers

“In addition to showcasing high-end lifestyle products, Big Boys Toys gives the UAE’s technology and luxury lifestyle innovators a platform to showcase and sell their projects to the wider world,” exhibition director Atif Malik told ShortList. These local innovators include Abu Dhabi-based Le Vault, who will be showing off their signature UFO lounge rocking chair (pictured above), a carbon fibre and handmade leather seat inspired by space capsules.

5. Shoot ‘em up

It’s not all supercars and miniature submarines at Big Boys Toys, they’ll also be a number of ace interactive stations housing digital shooting, simulation chambers, archery and – our personal favourite – an interactive war field. The Airsoft warfare offer fans real-life renditions of first-person-shooter video games, in close quarters battleground combat. Lock’n’load, people.

Big Boys Toys

When: November 19-21

Where: Abu Dhabi National  Exhibition Centre

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