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Step inside the Burj Al Arab’s AED80,000 per night suite



The Burj Al Arab’s famous marbled halls are reserved for the elite – without a reservation, either in one of the suites or a restaurant, you can’t get in. And there are a few places within the iconic sail that are even more guarded. At AED80,000 per night, the hotel’s Royal Suite is for the super-rich, and the helipad on top is only seen by their VIP guests.

That is, until now. Google and Jumeirah have teamed up to offer people a virtual 360-degree tour of the seven-star hotel – it’s like a souped-up version of Google Street View. Using a combination of photography and video, they have utilised the latest technology to bring the most immersive virtual tour on the web.

As well as giving you an incredible view including 3D sound, there are quirky interactions and practical elements – you can even book one of the suites while inside the virtual tool.

By clicking through the rooms you can jump in the pool at Talise Spa, or check out the helipad on top of the roof where you’ll see a waiting helicopter and a spectacular view of Dubai.

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“Guests have been able to view video content of the hotel on YouTube, but not in an interactive way like this,” said Ross McAuley, vice president of brand, digital and loyalty at Jumeirah. “People can now take a virtual tour, walk through the lobby and look around. The hotel is an icon of Dubai and the experience can show the viewer every aspect.”

The Burj Al Arab’s Royal Suite sits on the hotel’s 25th floor and comes in at a whopping 8,395-square-ft. Adorned in marble, gold and mahogany, and kitted out with Hermes toiletries, it’s one of the most lavish hotel suites in the world. One of the four poster beds rotates, and one of the others has a mirror on the ceiling…

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