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VIDEO: Floyd Mayweather livin’ it up in Dubai



Floyd Mayweather certainly knows how to enjoy himself… And he likes to tell everyone about it. The heavyweight boxer and his pals have been staying at Armani Hotel in the Burj Khalifa, dropping serious cash in Dubai Mall (click here to see his $1.1 million new watch) and having fun at Ski Dubai.

Mayweather is currently travelling the globe on ‘Air Mayweather’, and showing off his wealth along the way. Making the most of his $400 million net worth, the retired boxer seems to be having a great time with 24 of his closest friends.

“Haven’t been to the UAE in a while so I decided to come get the Royal Treatment and take 24 people to Dubai to hang out for a few days,” he wrote on Instagram. “I used to stay at The Burj Al Arab, 7 star hotel but now I’m at The Armani Burj Khalifa Hotel, the tallest building in the world!”

In another post he wrote: “Somewhere in the U.A.E getting that Arab oil money.”

Sounds like he quite enjoys being rich then…

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