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17 Incredible pictures of Dubai behind the scenes



A book showing an often forgotten side to Dubai launched earlier this year, and it’s a must-see. Photographer Jalal Abuthina takes people on a journey through Deira, Bur Dubai and Karama in “Dubai: Behind The Scenes”.

“It’s a form of counter representation to a lot of people’s perception about what they think Dubai is all about,” Jalal told ShortList. “Every place has a number of layers to it, [my] images are really just intended to introduce some of those layers and elements to people who are new to the city, or who are just visiting.”

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By stripping back some of these layers, Jalal shows the diverse charm of the city. “I think Dubai is an extremely interesting city on so many levels. Sources of inspiration can vary drastically depending on what one allows themselves to be open up to and experience,” he says. “In relation to this particular project, I would have to say that the main source of inspiration behind it comes from a lack of variety on the shelves here in relation to photography books about Dubai that communicate a lot of the hidden charm of the city.”

You can buy “Dubai: Behind The Scenes” from Books Kinokuniya (Bookworld) in The Dubai Mall.

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