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PARTNER FEATURE: 6 great ways to celebrate Chinese New Year



With show-stopping acrobatics, fireworks and brilliant dance performances, The Galleria on Al Maryah Island is the perfect place to welcome the Chinese New Year. Celebrating the Year of the Red Fire Monkey, there will be spectacular performances as well as complementary arts and crafts. Here are our top picks.

Cirque Shanghai
The circus has arrived, and by “circus” we don’t mean animals riding bicycles. No, we mean gravity defying jumps and jaw-dropping moves performed by some of China’s elite acrobats. Warning, the 40-minute show will leave you wishing you’d paid more attention in gymnastics class.
When: 6pm and 8pm on February 5 and 6
Where: The Great Room, The Galleria

Art Show
The works of critically acclaimed Chinese artist Jun Ma will adorn the south and north corridors of The Galleria, transforming it into every artists dream. A must for art and culture lovers.
When: February 3 to February 20
Where: Level 1, The Galleria

Lion Dance
No, it’s not actually a lion dancing. It’s a traditional New Year’s dance, where two dancers embody a giant colourful lion costume and dance to the music of beating of drums, cymbals and gongs. If you haven’t seen one, now’s your chance.
When: February 5 and 6
Where: The Great Room, The Galleria

Art Demonstrations
Art aficionados can attend various demonstrations including sugar panting, egg painting and a tea ceremony. This is a great activity for those looking to rack up some likes on their Instagram photos.
When: February 4 to 7
Where: The Galleria

Traditional Dances
The perfectly choreographed umbrella dances will have you performing your own version of Gene Kelly’s infamous “Singing in the Rain” routine, minus the rain of course. If umbrellas aren’t for you, the Chinese fan dance isn’t bad either.
When: February 5 to 6
Where: The Great Room, The Galleria

Fire Works
No New Year’s celebration is complete without fireworks. So, to celebrate the 4,713th Chinese New Year with a bang, a dazzling firework display is set to light up the night sky and kick-off a year filled with good luck and fortune.
When: 9:45pm, February 5
Where: The Promenade, The Galleria

For more information about The Galleria on Al Maryah Island, visit or call: +971 2 6166 999

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