Getting to know DD Foxx

Lebanese-born, Dubai-based singer DD Foxx already has one well-received album of RnB-tinged pop under her belt. Her new single, a bilingual duet with local star Abdulla Bil Kheir, looks set to be a fixture on our radios in the coming weeks.

Sum up DD Foxx in three words?
Fun, humble, unpredictable.

How is the second album coming along?
Is there a progression from Had To Be Me? It is in the process of being completed. My style is still the same, that doesn’t change, but my debut had more of a pop/dance vibe with a bit of RnB, while on the new album you can expect a little bit more of an urban vibe.

Your first single is with Emirati star Abdulla Bil Kheir. How did you gel – musically and personally?
It was an amazing experience. I was absolutely honoured and blessed to have had an opportunity to work with a legend like Abdulla. He’s an extremely down-to-earth and humble person and the chemistry was there the second we entered the studio. Our tones just matched.

Talk to us about the message of “Crazy World”…
It’s a peace message to the world, really. I started writing it a few years ago, motivated by the tragedies we see every day. Abdulla and I tried to highlight poverty, discrimination, child mortality, hunger and more. It’s a call for peace and unity.

What are the challenges of forging a music career here?
I think the challenge is getting the industry take notice of each individual’s talent and support it all the way. There are different cultures and tastes here but I see that as an opportunity; music is a universal language that cuts across all boundaries. It’s all about how you deliver it.

If you were auditioning for Arabs Got Talent, what song would you sing?
I would love to sing one of my own songs, specifically a track called “Never Give Up”, as it expresses my journey. DD Foxx’s single “Crazy World” is released on iTunes this week.

Three Tracks … that changed my life

1. “One Moment in Time” Whitney Houston

2. “Breakaway” Kelly Clarkson

3. “It’s My Life” Bon Jovi

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