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Spartan Race Arabia: Obstacle preview and tips



Citizens of Sparta (now Dubai) your time has come! With the aim of finding “Spartan Warriors” among average residents, the course features three challenges, two of which will be available in Dubai: the Spartan Sprint (5km, 15 obstacles) and the Spartan Super (13km, 25 obstacles). Warning: you’ll need a waiver.

To prepare you and help you bring out your inner warrior, the Spartan Race experts have given us a preview of their most popular obstacles along with tips on how to beat them.

Z Wall
The goal is to traverse across the wall and reach the bell at the other side, without touching the top of the wall, or your feet touching the ground.
Tip: Keep you body as close to the wall as possible. Utilize your legs, and keep a firm stance. Also make sure your hands grip the blocks as this will really help.

Hercules Hoist
The goal is to raise the weight to the top and back down in control, without dropping the weight.
Tip: Go into a low squatting position to keep your weight low, and use your back muscles to pull the rope. We recommend using a hand-over-hand motion to pull the rope.

Barbwire Crawl
The goal for this infamous obstacle is to crawl under the barbwire without touching the wire.
Tip: Keep your head and body low whilst navigating through the wire. Spreading out your limbs will also help you to stay low as well as rolling underneath the wire.

Sand Bag Carry
The goal for this one is to carry a sand bag the distance of the marked course.
Tip: Place the sandbag on your shoulder and hunch forward, this way you don’t have to hold it with your arms.

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