7 Dubai exhibitions to see this art season

With art season in full swing, the UAE finds itself embracing exhibitions, art performances, talks, guided tours and even welcoming two brand new events, Galleries Night in Alserkal Avenue and Art Nights in DIFC, to its already impressive art scene.

With so much art on display and such little time to see them all, Shortlist has picked a few exhibitions that should not be missed this art season.

Machine Hearts by Athier Mousawi
Atheir’s temporary studio in Alserkal Avenue boosts large-scale artworks that attempt to visualise the mechanical heart of an active soldier and asks: what is the unseen core that powers a human killing machine? The art pieces take onlookers on a visual journey through its use of colour and intriguing hidden context. One of the pieces includes arteries and veins that have been entwined with industrial cables and pipes, and steel construction rods puncture soft tissue-like matter, leaving the viewer with doubts about the humanity of the subject.
Where: Ayyam Gallery, Alserkal Avenue, Warehouse 12
When: Until 28 May

The Journey Man II: In the name of the Father by German Fernandez
Fernandez’s second chapter to his The Journey Man explores the mental construction of character and the the city. Fernandez uses multiple mediums in The Journey Man II that collectively play a vital role in telling his story. Equally important are Fernandez’s characters, which interact with each other and reappear in multiple works. Characters to look out for include the masked man, the headless men and the woman.
Where: FN Designs, Alserkal Avenue
When: Until May 8

Face to Face group art exhibition
The group art exhibition curated by Guillaume Cuiry sees both artists Philippe Pasqua and Fred Kleinberg dramatically present the interrogative nature of the group exhibition which effectively and suddenly surprise you with an unexpected angle of sensitivity. The exhibit also features art work from Pasqua, Kleinberg, Katia Traboulsi, Arnaud Rivieren, Pierre-Marie Lejeune and Anno whose pieces will leave you with self-reflection.
Where: La Galerie Nationale, Alserkal Avenue
When: Until May 14

Birds of a Feather by Claire Rosen
Influenced by William Morris who produced plush and elaborately decorated wallpaper featuring exotic birds in the 19th century, Clare creates a modern interpretation of the fascination of exotic places and creatures in Europe during this period. There is the resounding note throughout Birds of Feather that modern man is fanatical with taking wild creatures out of their natural habitats and possessing their beauty.
Where: Gulf Photo Plus, Alserkal Avenue
When: Until April 30

Color of Dew by Lita Cabellut
Lita Cabellut’s exhibition examines the relationship we have with colour; the way it triggers senses, memories and how it can be used to identify and differentiate from the world around them.
Where: Opera Gallery, DIFC
When: Until March 29

La Salle de Gym des Femmes Arabes by Hassan Hajjaj
La Salle de Gym des Femmes Arabes which translates into Gym for Arab Women continues Hassan’s depiction of strong and spirited Arab women. The exhibit sees Hassan delve into the traditional gym culture that is present across the Arab world. To do so he has transformed the bottom floor of The Third Line into a recreational makeshift centre for women.
Where: The Third Line, Alserkal Avenue
When: Until April 16

Chiaroscuro by Reem al Faisal al Saud
Chiaroscuro is Reem Al Faisal’s culmination of twenty five years of experimentation in photography. The exhibit can perhaps best be described as a sequence of shots that when combined complete an eerie landscape.
Where: The Empty Quarter, DIFC
When: Until May 14

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