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We’ve created a special ShortList dish at Crab Tavern!



Crab Tavern offers more than shellfish, says Chef Paul Owens “Because of the name, people think that we’re a seafood restaurant,” says Chef Paul Owens, originally from North Yorkshire. “But we’re a gastro-pub with a good, solid menu of quality dishes. Our best-sellers are meat: steaks, burgers and ribs. You can also just come here and watch the game on a Saturday. “If I was going to recommend something, I’d say bring friends and order the prime rib and a lobster thermidor. Put them in the middle of the table and let everyone dig in.”

Crab Tavern create a dish in our honour
Hearty, comforting, textured and packed with a variety of flavours… that was how we described ShortList to Paul Owens, executive chef at the Crab Tavern in Media One Hotel. We thought that would be simple enough to translate into a dish in our honour, with the added instructions that it should represent the various nationalities on the team: English, Scottish, a large dose of Irish and a dash of Australian.

After a bit of back and forth, a refinement here, a new ingredient there, chef Paul came up with the ShortList Lamb Feast, a plate of food we’d happily return to night after night – and one that is, for a limited time, now on the menu at the gastro-pub in Dubai Media City.

“It’s a beautiful piece of lamb with Irish cabbage and a gratin of potato, swede and celeriac,” says chef Paul. “Nothing existed on our menu that fitted the countries listed, really, so I went back to a dish that I had cooked many times in my career as a chef in a country hotel. “It’s a home-cooked style dish, nothing too ostentatious. You can’t go wrong with lamb, can you?”

The lamb is cooked in a water bath and then browned in a pan with butter, garlic and rosemary. “All the good stuff,” says Paul.

We’re pretty pleased with it. Not only has it managed to offer a slice of “home”, but it also manages to be interesting, digestible and satisfying. And you can see where that metaphor is going, can’t you? You can find out just how good ShortList tastes from Tuesday.

Crab Tavern
Where: Media One Hotel
Contact: +9714 420 7489
ShortList Lamb Feast: Available between March 22-31

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