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Dubai set for more rain and thunder



What is going on with the weather? Isn’t this April? Aren’t we supposed to be already moaning about how hot and humid it is? Whatever happened to global warming?

Well as you will have noticed in the past few days, it’s been pretty nippy in the morning, around 18c. Shortlist has been looking at a variety of “expert” forecasts and they all seem to point to one thing: more rain and thunder is due in April for the UAE, including Dubai. The only question is when.

Many forecasts point to heavy overnight rain in Dubai on Wednesday, with thunder by Thursday morning.  Others suggest this week could stay dry but clouds, rain and thunder for next week – with heavy rain possible next Tuesday and Wednesday.

It looks like morning temperatures will stay below 20c, and nobody is forecasting a high over 30c for the next two weeks.

How does this compare to 2015? Exactly a year ago today temperatures peaked at 38c, dropping to 27c at night. And 2014? Same thing – a peak of 38c.

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