Unknown Facts About Mohammed Bin Rashid Library In Dubai – A Must Read Guide

It was in the year of 2016 that Dubai conceived the importance of reading and decided to declare the year as the year of reading. It was followed by the introduction of the concept of a world-class library under the aegis of Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the then Vice-President of Dubai. The Mohammed Bin Rashid library is unique in its design and infrastructure.

The library serves as a cultural and intellectual center. It preserves the rich Arab heritage through a range of books, manuscripts, and other ancient literature. The monument glorifies the importance of knowledge and makes it accessible to the people of the UAE. It is a library of its own kind and a unique example to inspire the world at large. 

A brief about Mohammed Bin Rashid Library

Mohammad Bin Rashid Library is an iconic monument in itself. It spans seven floors over a whopping area of 54000 square feet. Built at the cost of AED 1 billion, this structure is a storehouse of innumerable reading materials in various forms and types.

 Mohammed Bin Rashid Library

The beautiful building has been designed by Obermeyer Group and ACG Architectural Consulting Group in the shape of a Rehal. This is basically a stand wherein the holy Quran rests.

This library is both eco-friendly and sustainable. It is the epitome of creativity and ambition. This classic structure comprises several buildings and structures each serving its own purpose.

The library promotes Arabic literature and prepares future generations by making them conversant with the rich history of the UAE. This library has authentically revolutionized the concept of the library by offering an enhanced reading experience to the readers through technical advancement. 

Location of Mohammed Bin Rashid Library

This huge library is located on the banks of the Creek river. This river runs through Al Jaddaf, in the United Arab Emirates. 

Unknown Facts About Mohammed Bin Rashid Library In Dubai!

Transportation options to Mohammed Bin Rashid Library

It is definitely easy to reach the library through various transportation options. Let us explore them one by one. 

  • By car: One can always take a ride to Mohammed Bin Rashid Library through its own vehicle. 
  • By a private taxi: You can also book your taxi and get to that place with ease. But this may be a bit expensive as the per-passenger rate charged by the taxi operators is around 25 AED. 
  • Metro: You can also board a metro for the Creek via the Dubai Metro Operations to reach the destination.Library
  • Bus: You can also take the Dubai Bus Route C04 and reach this place. 

Parking facilities at Mohammed Bin Rashid Library

Mohammad Bin Rashid is a world-class library in itself. It comes with a nine-storey underground parking facility. It is a part of the state architecture aimed to promote literacy and awareness. Therefore, it offers free parking facilities to all visitors. 

Architectural Features of Mohammed Bin Rashid Library

Mohammad bin Rashid library is one of the most beautiful and significant monuments. It adds value to the culture of the UAE. It has its own archaeological significance. It has got many structures which make this library the most unique one in the whole world. 

Architectural Features of Mohammed Bin Rashid Library

One of the most unique aspects of this monument is its energy-efficient structure. The library gets around 10% of its energy from solar panels. These panels have been installed on the rooftop of the library. The structure is inscribed with huge windows and ceilings in order to propel the natural light. It reduces the consumption of scarce resources and promotes dependence on sustainable sources. 

Other Features Of Mohammed Bin Rashid Library

This is one of the largest libraries in the world. There are different types of libraries that have their own purpose to serve. Let us explore these categories one by one.

1. Book Catalogue

There are millions of digitized and printed books in this library. It even offers access to around 6 million dissertations and 13,000 articles. One can easily find the rarest media and subscriptions which are otherwise not available. The library even has 79,000 audio and video compilations.

2. Thematic Libraries

There are 9 specialized mini-libraries. Each of them caters to the specific interest of the audience. 

3. The General Library

This library has all the books related to basic subjects such as science, history and social studies.

4. The Library for the Emirates

This is the library which is primarily based on the life of the people in the country of the United Arab Emirates. It preserves the literature of history and focuses on the heritage of the place.

5. The Young Adults’ Library

This is the library that has been specifically devoted to the younger minds. It helps to share knowledge that could trigger creativity and share a better experience.

6. The Children’s Library

This is the type of library that has around 17,000 books devoted to children. One can also find playbooks, videos, and other content for the entertainment of the children.

7. The Maps and the Atlases Library

This is the library that is dedicated to the preservation of the demographic structure of the world. There are maps and atlases which have never been discovered by anyone before.

8. Media and Arts Library

This is the part of the library which has many exclusive collections of art, design, cinema, DIY, music, etc. One can easily play documentaries and other videos in the cinema hall especially curated for this purpose.

9. Periodicals Library

This library subsumes within itself all the periodicals that have been drafted from 1950 onwards. These periodicals are available in almost every foreign language.

Technology Used In Mohammed Bin Rashid Library

The Mohammed Bin Rashid Library is known for amalgamating the benefits of technology with learning. In fact, it has specially curated a specific environment that promotes the latest technology for offering a flawless and impeccable reading experience to the readers.

It focuses on the integration of artificial intelligence with a learning platform in order to offer advanced products to readers. There are self-service kiosks and automated storage centers in the library. 

If you are willing to know more about this amazing library then there are robots as well. These robots act like bots and cater to every query of the visitor. Recently, they have even stepped into the world of augmented reality and virtual reality experience. This has been able to revolutionize the entire library. 

Services and Programs

The library is world-class in the actual sense of being. This library has been built to empower the art of education among the people without any discrimination. In addition, to being a storehouse of power and experience, it has got a lot of amazing services for others. 

👉Reference and research assistance

One can easily come across references and research assistance in this library. There are many research-oriented platforms to which this library has subscribed. You can easily operate and access these platforms without any hindrance. 

These platforms are equally accessible to the visually impaired. It has a dedicated area for autistic individuals as well so that they can study in peace. It helps to push the boundaries of historians by providing them access to the rarest of the rare manuscripts that date back to the 13th century. 

👉Educational and cultural events

The library is known for organizing many educational and cultural events. There is a huge amphitheater that helps to arrange for the events. Many music performances are held in the courtyard of the library. It helps to arrange cultural events over a period of time. The library has been able to uphold the dignity of the Arabic Culture and pass it down to the generations with time.

Timings for Mohammed Bin Rashid Library

If you are willing to visit the library, then you should be mindful of the times. The details of the same are:

  • Monday to Saturday (excluding Friday): 9 AM to 9 PM.
  • Friday: 2 PM to 9 PM
  •  Sunday Closed

The management authorities are very punctual about the timings. These timings are strictly adhered to in every kind of situation and circumstance.

Entry fee for Mohammed Bin Rashid Library

The library is free for visitors and they don’t need to pay any fee for this purpose at all. However, if the visitors are willful to borrow books, then they have to be enrolled as a member and for this, they will have to pay a membership fee as well for obtaining Mohammed Rashid Library membership. 

Contact information for Mohammed Bin Rashid Library

For more details, one may contact the authorities that their official number: +971-4-317-5606. One can visit their websites for additional information. 

Things to be considered while visiting Mohammed Bin Rashid Library 

The Mohammed Bin Rashid Library is one of the most premium kinds of library that has been inaugurated in order to promote quality education and inculcate reading among the people. The doors of the institution are also open to gain more knowledge. However, it is pertinent to mention that a few things have to be taken into consideration before visiting this library. They are given as follows:

  • Children below the age of 5 are not permitted to enter the premises of the library.
  • Pets are not allowed within the premises of the library.
  • It is essential to maintain proper decorum and silence while visiting the library.
  • The readers are advised not to carry eatables with them to the library.
  • Heavy fines are levied on the person found fiddling with the books in order to damage them.
  • Every reader who takes any book to the reader shall get himself marked in the register after showing his identity card.
  • If the readers want to borrow the book, then they can do so by subscribing to the annual membership of the Mohammed Bin Rashid subscription plan. You can borrow the books for a different duration.
  • Every reader is provided an access code in order to run online videos and lectures.
  • Readers require special permission to access the rarest manuscripts recorded in Arabic and Persian Languages.
  • Visually and other physically impaired readers can access the braille service for free. They need to register themselves for free.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can the children enter the library?
Children above the age of 5 are allowed to enter the library.
2. What was the objective behind the inauguration of the library?
The library was inaugurated in order to promote the habit of reading among the citizens of the country and to provide access to inaccessible reading material for absolutely no cost. 
3. How many books are there in the library?
There are around 1.1 million books in the library. There are many other audio, and video recordings and other magazines which have been curated for this purpose.
4. Is the location of the library accessible?
Yes, the location of the library is very accessible. One can reach this place by bus, car, taxi, or metro. However, buses and the metro are the most convenient options in this category.
5. What is the minimum fee required?
Entry is free for visitors.

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