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Escort Warrior Chapter 168: Update About Release Date And More!



Escort Warrior Chapter 168: Release Date And More!

A large portion of the audience is looking forward to the release of Escort Warrior Chapter 168. You will learn all there is to know about Escort Warrior Chapter 168 in this article.

The author Hyung-Keun Cho has still not confirmed information regarding the release date of Escort Warrior Chapter 168. However, considering the release date of the previous 2 chapters, we can find a common pattern. The last episode of this anime was released on 10 September 2022, and the 2nd previous episode was released on August 31. From this, it is clear that each episode is released 7 days after the previous episode. From this information, we can assume that chapter 168 of this manhwa will be released on September 14, 2022.

The Release Date Of Escort Warrior Chapter 168

Pacific time:  8:30 AM  PDT

Central time: 10:30 AM  PDT

Indian time: 6:00 PM  IST

Japan time:  5:30 AM JST

The release date and time might vary from region to region, so you should convert the time as mentioned above to your country or area time.

 Release Date Of Escort Warrior Chapter 168

The Plot

The new manga escort warrior follows a similar basic structure to the anime Moribito: Guardian of spirit. Moribito is an underrated anime, in which a warrior is compelled to protect a stranger, but unfortunately, things go beyond more than Moribito.

Escort warrior begins when a boy finds the body of an unconscious nameless commander. The commander has lost his troops in a nearby battle. He was searching for help and finally a boy and two men agrees to help him. But they are actually under a huge risk since their villagers are forbidden to help unknown warriors.

The warrior retains his health and decides to live the rest of his life as a hermit. Years later one of the men who saved him searches for the warrior to seek help. Hoping that he will save a village of 300 people from a rival family. At 1st the warrior declines and says he will never kill again. But eventually, he pledges to protect them when he realizes that the kid who saved him is also in danger. Escort warrior falls many times before his mission is over.

Why Are the Power-Scaling Webtoon & Manhwa So Popular And Entertaining?

 Escort warrior is a fully action-packed anime. The nameless commander in escort warrior is asked to perform a duty that goes well beyond a bodyguard. A profession in which he has no experience – which involves protecting more than 300 people.

Escort warrior creates more intense situations, it creates jaw-dropping tragedy and triumph. Escort warrior owns his fanbase among the audience. People who are interested in action and adventure will never be disappointed with escort warriors.

In 1st few chapters escort warrior didn’t get much appreciation, but later it claimed colossal attention from the audience. Beginning they had only a few ratings but now the ratings have gone high. people are more and more excited after each chapter.

 People are eagerly waiting for the release of chapter 168. Escort warrior from the beginning follows this same pattern for release. So the new chapter will be likely released on September 17, 2022. It will definitely be an action-oriented episode, excitement is at its peak.

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