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Invincible Season 2: Possible Release Date And Where To Watch?



Invincible Season 2 Possible Release Date And Where To Watch

A large portion of the audience is looking forward to the release of invincible Season 2. This article will help you to cover everything about it.

Invincible Season 1 was a major hit on Amazon Prime and has gained extraordinary acclaim from audiences and critics. It has also received praise for its action sequences, animation, writing, storyline, faithfulness, and performance of the source material. 

Hence Amazon Prime has renewed the series for the second and third seasons. In this guide, you can explore the release date, plot, trailer, and news for the anime series Invincible Season 2

Possible Release Date On Amazon Prime

Invincible season 2 is confirmed in April 2021 but still some confusion about the release date. The main cast of season 1 will return in season 2, and the show will continue the Grayson family adventures. Apart from that, there are no additional details about the story. Along with season 2, season 3 was also confirmed, making the fans more excited.  

Possible Release Date On Amazon Prime

Release Date Of Invincible Season 2

The first season of invincible season 1 was aired on March 25, 2021, on Amazon Prime. The series was telecasted until April 30, 2021. Both fans and critics have well received the series, and it made the creators renew the following season. 

Streaming OnAmazon Prime
Invincible Season 2 Release Date2023

As the shooting was going on, the team planned to release season 2 between late 2022 and early 2023. But sure, fans donโ€™t need to wait until 2024. 

The cast of Invincible Season 2

  • Mark Grayson or Invincible as Steven Yeun
  • Matt as Max Burkholder
  • Nolan Grayson or Omni-Man as J. K. Simmons
  • Debbie Grayson as Sandra Oh
  • Rex Sloan or Rex Splode as Jason Mantzoukas
  • Samantha Eve Wilkins or Atom Eve as Gillian Jacobs
  • Holly or War Woman as Lauren Cohan
  • Darkwing as Lennie James
  • Kate Cha or Dupli-Kate as Malese Jow
  • Josef or Red Rush as Michael Cudlitz
  • Kill Cannon as Fred Tatasciore
  • Damien Darkblood as Clancy Brown
  • Immortal as Ross Marquand
  • Amber Bennett as Zazie Beetz


Currently, there is no idea for anyone what part of the original comic book the series will adapt. The series is going to continue the Omni-Man and Invincible story. But there is no clear idea about how much plot will take place in season 2. 

One cannot speculate until the confirmation from Amazon Prime. Instead, you can explore the recap and get a better idea about the first season by watching the episodes on Amazon Prime.


Till now, fans could not come out with the impact of invincible season 1. Hence, no trailer is planned for season 2 until the buzz for the second season arises. The upcoming episodes and seasons are just announced, so the team put effort into completing the shooting on time. 

As already discussed, invincible is in the renewal stage and comes out with official confirmation. The comics have more character arcs to adapt, and the show is also top-rated to benefit greatly from the renewal. Now fans are eagerly waiting for the season 2 trailers and the launch of the first episode. 

But as per the source, the team may have the chance to release the trailer in November. Everyone can expect the trailer at either the end of 2022 or early 2023. The team will confirm the release date and proceed with the trailer. 

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