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Name: Minions

Release Date: July 2015

Dramatis Personae: The loveable, dim-witted yellow things of indeterminate species who stole the show in the Despicable Me films. Pierre Coffin does the voices, while a cast list of Sandra Bullock and Jon Hamm do the others.

So, they’re good enough to get their own movie, huh? They deserve to. They have made mega-money for Illumination Entertainment and Universal, helping to propel Depsicable Me 2 box office receipts to the brink of $850 million. Minions-based mobile games Minions and Despicable Me: Minion Rush both topped the download charts, then there’s a neat tie-up to market Australian bananas.

So, Gru has been sidelined? For now. The movie takes place before the little guys ever met our favourite ambiguously-accented villain.

Okay, so what’s the plot? Is there one? Yep: the story begins in the prehistoric age where the minions are serving the fiercest villain on Earth, the Tyrannosaurus Rex… only to inadvertently cause his extinction moments later. Over the centuries, the minions develop an impressive portfolio of villains including Napoleon and Dracula. Unfortunately, their bumbling ways keep getting their masters killed, and so they live in isolation. Determined to restore order, Kevin sets off with Bob and banana-philic Stuart in search of a new villain. At a Villain-Con (yes, that’s a thing) they find what they’re looking for in Scarlet (Bullock) and Herb (Hamm) Overkill. There begins the chaos.

Okay, we’re sold. The movie isn’t even out yet, and the studio has announced Gru and co. will be making a comeback in another Despicable Me sequel in 2017! If that wasn’t enough, for all the hardcore minion fans, Titan Comics is going to be publishing a series of graphic novels based on this movie. *Cue gibberish fuelled excitement*

In a nutshell: BANANA!!

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