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Robert De Niro: “Donald Trump is an idiot”



There are certain people who command respect – Robert De Niro is one of them. The two-time Oscar winner didn’t hold back in a recent video on Donald Trump, and given the huge viral reach that it gained over the weekend, people are listening.

In the short clip, De Niro says (amongst other things) that he would like to punch Trump in the face. Speaking to ShortList about the video while on a business trip to Dubai, the Goodfellas actor explained that he had no idea that it would have such wide appeal across the world. “I didn’t know, it’s just that I’m so upset with this idiot that we have to do something about it,” he explained. “People have to get out there and vote. I even tell my own kids that they have to register and vote now. It’s not a good situation if he gets elected.”

De Niro, who is in Dubai as an ambassador for Caribbean islands Antigua and Barbuda, said that he understands why people are frustrated, but that they shouldn’t think that Trump will fix their problems.

“Nobody thought that Brexit would happen and it happened. It’s a different climate in the world now and people are right to be unhappy but Donald Trump is not the answer,” he said. “I was watching somebody talking about it… Michael Moore. He understands the working class situation, people and so on. He says that he’s just such a big mouth that doesn’t say anything of any importance or substance and they want to throw him in the middle of this thing to make a statement but that’s not an answer. [Donald Trump] admits that he gamed the system, he worked the system, and that means that he’s smart. He’s not smart he’s stupid and he’s infuriating. It’s not a good situation if he gets elected.”

The 73-year old is attending an exclusive event at Palazzo Versace regarding opportunities in the Caribbean for Middle Eastern investors.

Look out for our full interview with Robert De Niro in next week’s issue of ShortList.

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