TRAILERS: 6 films in UAE cinemas this week

Inferno (15)
The latest Dan Brown novel to get the big-screen treatment is hardly a shoo-in for critical acceptance, but there’s no denying that he understands how to spin a decent yarn – however ridiculous the premise. Inferno might lack the religious mystique of The Da Vinci Code, but in the hands of Ron Howard and with Tom Hanks back as Robert Langdon, and a backdrop of Dante’s 14th century poem, this race to save humanity is popcorn-chewing fun. Felicity Jones adds some youthful vigour.
In cinemas from October 13

Café Society (18)
Since 1999’s outstanding Sweet and Lowdown, there’s been an element of pot-luck when buying a ticket for a Woody Allen movie. Sometimes you strike it rich – Match Point, Blue Jasmine – but more usually, it’s a chronic anticlimax – Vicky Christina Barcelona, Scoop. Thankfully, this veers towards the former, with Jesse Eisenberg convincing as the young hopeful in 1930s Hollywood – although Kristen Stewart is the real revelation here.
In cinemas from October 13

I.T. (18)
There have been several stabs at conveying technology’s increasing grip on our daily lives – Unknown, Transcendence – but none have ever quite drilled down our acquiescence in it. I.T. gets a little closer, although it does eventually revert to a formulaic cat-and-mouse thriller. Pierce Brosnan plays the exec whose daughter, played by Stefanie Scott, is at the mercy of prying digital eyes. Anna Friel also stars.
In cinemas from October 13

My Beautiful Country (18)
This beguiling film from 2012 charts the unravelling civil war between Serbs and Albanians in Kosovo and the ethnic segregation it created. Danica is a Serb whose husband has been killed in the conflict and is now trying to raise two sons, only to have their attempts at normality interrupted by the appearance of an Albanian soldier in their home. There are strong echoes of Georgian film Tangerines that was screened last month.
A Scene Club screening in Vox Cinemas, Mall of the Emirates, October 12, 8pm

The Girl on the Train
Emily Blunt stars as a woman who has become obsessed with the couple she sees from the seat of her commuter train.

USS Indianapolis
The crew of a stricken warship have to survive heat, thirst, sharks and each other in a tale of endurance.

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