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Beloved Game of Thrones character to return in Season 7



Right: Here be spoilers. So many spoilers.

The headline should have been enough of a hint, but on the off chance you’ve not engaged your brain until this moment, we thought it courteous to warn you that we’re about to talk about things that will have an immediate impact on your viewing of season seven of Game of Thrones.

Ready? Scroll on.

Remember Gendry?

You know, Gendry. Forger and smith, loveable orphan, secret son of Robert Baratheon, potential king of all Westeroes. Played by Joe Dempsie (played Chris in Skins).


Yeah, that Gendry. We last saw him rowing off into the night in the concluding moments of season three.

If the following fan-shot footage of filming that’s just got underway for series seven is anything to go by, Gendry is back – just in time to save Tyrion. Here he is in action…

See that? It’s Gendry, returning to Westeros with Davros and Tyrion, taking down two Gold Cloaks with a war hammer – the preferred weapon of his deceased royal father.

Where has he been? How did he bump into Davros and Tyrion? Does he intend on adding yet another claim to the Iron Throne?

We’ll have to wait until late 2017 to find out. But it’s nice to know he’s been doing okay, right?

[From ShortList UK]

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