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TRAILERS: 6 films in UAE cinemas this week



Allied (18)
Brad Pitt seems to have found a cinematic home amid the grey-blue rubble of World War Two in recent years. The darkly comic Inglourious Basterds and the claustrophobic Fury is now followed by Allied, a lavish, slightly soapy tale of a strained romance between a Canadian intelligence officer in Morocco and a French resistance fighter. The role of the latter is filled by Marion Cotillard, whose hair seems permanently waved in period styles, too. Sweeping and long, it’s ideal matinée melodrama material.
In cinemas from November 24


Arrival (18)
It’s been a while since we had a credible Close Encounters-style alien landing film. Coming from French-Canadian director Denis Villeneuve, the man behind intelligent thrillers Sicario and Prisoners, this is a similarly superior take on the genre as linguist Louise Banks (Amy Adams) seeks to answer why a host of spacecraft have touched down across the planet. Jeremy Renner and Forest Whitaker offer uniformed support.
In cinemas from November 24


American Honey (18)
The film that has been gathering considerable festival buzz throughout 2016 gets its theatrical release in the UAE. British director Andrea Arnold cast a crew of unknown amateurs to support Shia LaBeouf and Riley Keough on a post-adolescent road trip across the US as they sell magazine subscriptions. They are joined by newcomer Sasha Lane, through whose eyes this wild, semi-improv adventure is viewed. Compelling and original.
In select Vox cinemas from November 24


Moana (18)
Dwayne Johnson, the man who can do no wrong in Hollywood right now, revisits his Polynesian heritage in this animated movie from Disney. It centres on Moana, the daughter of a chieftan, who uses her sea-faring skills to try to rescue her community with the help of folkloric hero Maui – voiced by, well, you know who. It ticks all the Disney boxes – terrific animation, pacey story-telling, engaging characters – in a polished family adventure.
In cinemas from November 24


Still showing…

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (15)
Harry Potter is back – sort of. Well, not really. But fans of the teenage spell-master will get another helping of his universe in this film based on JK Rowling’s pre-Harry novel of the same name. It stars Eddie Redmayne as Newt Scamander, a wizard who has completed a global tour in the hope of finding magical creatures. We meet him in New York City in 1926 when a Muggle pops up and releases some of his finds. And, well, everything breaks loose.


A Street Cat Named Bob (15)
A feel-good Brit movie out just in time for the festive season, this will warm more than hearts than critics’ pens, but there’s nothing wrong in some sentiment-tinged redemption. Based on James Bowen’s autobiography about living rough and busking on the streets of London, Luke Treadaway brings plenty of charm to the main role, although his struggles with addiction provide some darker moments. The cat is fantastic, too.


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