TRAILERS: 6 films in UAE cinemas this week

Bad Santa 2 (18)
Look, you must let Bad Santa 2 happen. Just let the film, with Billy Bob Thornton again in the title role, wash over you. You’re powerless to its vulgarity, defenceless in its filthy wake, you can pretend to be against everything it stands for – impropriety, violence and the desecration of a beloved institution – but you will watch this film in an impulsive moment of festive madness. And, what’s more, you will love every minute. “I shouldn’t be laughing, but you know what? I am,” you’ll say out loud to the cinema. “I really am.” Unfortunately Santa is way to bad for us to show the trailer here, so we’ve gone with a clip instead. You can see the full trailer on YouTube.
In cinemas now


Lion (18)
Dev Patel is back in Calcutta for this affecting drama about a man returning home to find the family he lost 20 years before. It’s based on the true story of Saroo Brierley, who got lost on the streets of Calcutta as a five year-old before being adopted by an Australian family (David Wenham and the ever persuasive Nicole Kidman). Brierley then uses a combination of Google and persistence to track his real family down. Overdone at times but moved you will be.
In cinemas now


Man Down (18)
Shia LaBeouf is back in khaki in this time-shifting drama about a US Marine searching for his son in a contemporary USA that isn’t, perhaps, all that different from the Afghanistan he left behind. The “bringing the war home” theme has been done plenty of times before, but this has a desolation and raw emotion that offers something new. LaBeouf is excellent, but his son, played by Charlie Shotwell, steals the show.
In cinemas now


The Girl with All the Gifts (18)
Ah, the words “dystopian future”…so tempting, so compelling, so Trumpian. This British thriller combines the talents of TV director Colm McCarthy – Peaky Blinders, Ripper Street – with writer MR Carey, best known for his work on the X-Men series and tells the story of a teacher (Gemma Arterton) who is in charge of a class of zombie-human hybrids. Her relationship with an especially gifted child, Melanie, starts a chase to stave off a wider threat to humankind. Dark and brooding with strong echoes of 28 Days Later.
In cinemas from December 8


Still showing…

Complete Unknown (18)
This is the kind of film that has you gazing across at your nearest and dearest and wondering what dark, twisted secrets they may be harbouring. And why they didn’t tell you. And oh no you’re such a fool why couldn’t I see it earlier…? Rachel Weisz plays Alice, who turns up at the birthday party of old flame Tom (Michael Shannon) after vanishing 15 years before. Her story doesn’t add up. None of it does. And so it begins…


Allied (18)
Brad Pitt seems to have found a cinematic home amid the grey-blue rubble of World War Two in recent years. The darkly comic Inglourious Basterds and the claustrophobic Fury is now followed by Allied, a lavish, slightly soapy tale of a strained romance between a Canadian intelligence officer in Morocco and a French resistance fighter. The role of the latter is filled by Marion Cotillard, whose hair seems permanently waved in period styles, too. Sweeping and long, it’s ideal matinée melodrama material.


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