TRAILERS: 6 films in UAE cinemas this week

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (18)
It’s not Star Wars as we know it, of course, but it is set in the same (far, far away) galaxy at the same (long ago) time. The rag-tag protagonists of Rogue One, which include last week’s cover star Felicity Jones as criminal-turned rebel Jyn Erso, are also locked in the same battle against The Empire and its proposed floating HQ, the Death Star – the plans for which they’re trying to steal. Think Oceans XI meets The Magnificent Seven. In space. With weird names.
In cinemas from December 15


Miss Sloane (18)
It’s probably a sign of the political times that a thriller based around a Washington lobbyist – someone paid large amounts to change the minds of democratically elected officials – is worthy of our attention. In this Grisham-esque tale, the title character (an icily excellent Jessica Chastain) flips sides when asked to represent the gun lobby. It’s sharp enough but still skirts the wider issues of paying to play. And at least Thank You For Smoking had some jokes.
In cinemas from December 15


Collateral Beauty (18)
Will Smith loves a spot of emotional manipulation, doesn’t he? The saviour-by-suicide of Seven Pounds, the father-son redemption of The Pursuit of Happyness? Then there’s this, a film about the man-who-has-everything who, after a devastating loss, starts writing letters to Love (Keira Knightly), Time (Jacob Latimore) and Death (Helen Mirren), who all make sure he knows everything is just great. But is it, though? I mean, is it?
In cinemas from December 15


Eshtebak (Clash) (18)
It’s about time Egyptian cinema started to focus its lens on more serious issues. This claustrophobic thriller from Mohamed Diab, now Egypt’s 2017 Oscar submission, underlines why filmmakers should provoke and unsettle as much as entertain, particularly in the modern Middle East. Set entirely in the back of a police truck as President Morsi is being removed from power, a handful of detainees from different political and social backgrounds discuss what brought them there. Nelly Karim excels.
In cinemas from December 15


Still showing…

Bad Santa 2
Just watch it. It’s fun. It’s bad taste. It’s everything the first one was and more. Go on. You know you want to.


Dev Patel stars in the real-life story of a man returning home to Calcutta to find the parents he last saw as a five-year-old.


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