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TRAILERS: 5 films in UAE cinemas this week



Live by Night (18)
Ben Affleck directs, produces and stars in this epic gangster yarn from the Roaring Twenties. Based on a novel by Dennis Lehane, Prohibition is creating a widespread black market that ruthless underworld types are exploiting to its fullest. It is a sort of sun-soaked, Great Gatsby-esque version of Peaky Blinders, with the son of Irish immigrants, Joe Coughlin (Affleck), returning from the horrors of World War I desensitised to violence and eager to build a much better life for himself. Here, too, he has to take on rival crime gangs to further his status, only his belated attempts to extricate himself from the world he jumped into prove impossible. It’s all good, soapy stuff and although it perhaps doesn’t quite crackle as it might, there are some great performances (Sienna Miller as
a sultry moll in particular) and a couple of excellent directorial set-pieces that prove that Affleck is a steady hand behind the camera.
In cinemas from February 2


Jackie (18)
Natalie Portman stars as Jackie Kennedy, newly widowed after the most high-profile assassination in history, as she moves from mourning her husband to protecting his legacy.
In cinemas from February 2


Arsenal (18)
Adrian Grenier stars as a businessman whose brother, a low-level hustler for Eddie King (Nicolas Cage in a magnificent wig), is kidnapped – and he thinks he knows who did it.
In cinemas from February 2


Collide (18)
Originally scheduled for release last year, this is the tale of an American backpacker (Nicholas Hoult) and his girlfriend (pre-fame Felicity Jones) who get involved with a European smuggling ring.
In cinemas from February 2

Split (18)
Schlocky teen horror in which three girls are kidnapped by a man with 24 separate personalities. They must play amateur psychologists to find the ones that can help them escape.
In cinemas from February 2


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