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Apparently Netflix cheating is happening in the UAE



Have you ever been so hooked on a show that even though you and your partner or best friend have agreed not to watch said show without each other, you still find yourself unable to stop watching it? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. According to a recent study conducted by Netflix, over 50 percent of couples in the UAE have admitted to what is now known as ‘Netflix cheating’.

While it’s certainly not the worst kind of cheating, it has, in our case, triggered the same whirlwind of emotions. Like who has the audacity to skip ahead on Stranger Things?!?

Ok, now that we’ve got that out of the way, here’s a bit more about Netflix cheating …. The phenomena was first discovered in the US in 2013 and has since tripled in the past four years with over 25 countries including the UK, Canada and Spain claiming to be affected by it.

That said, the rates of Netflix cheating in the UAE shows no signs of slowing down as 62 percent of consumers across the region said they’d cheat more if they knew they’d get away with it. We trusted you…

The genre most likely to result in being cheated on? Comedies. 52 percent of participants confessed that comedies were their favourite show to watch ahead. Coming in a close second with 44 percent was drama with House of Cards, The Crown and Narcos being named the three most popular culprits. At 22 percent sci-fi took third place thanks to hits like Stranger Things and horror came in fourth at 21 percent.

So, who’s the most susceptible to Netflix cheating? Married couples. Yep, sorry. With 66 percent, the struggle to not watch a show without your loved one seems to be most definitely real.

If we’ve upset you, sorry. And, if you’re really mad, the Netflix study found that those living in the Netherlands, Germany and Poland are incredibly loyal, yep their loyalty average is a high of 60 percent.

We just don’t know who to trust anymore.

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