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TRAILERS: 5 films in UAE cinemas this week



Trespass Against Us (18)
Michael Fassbender continues to intrigue, delight and, at times, infuriate with his recent career choices. The rather crowded and confused game-to-film blockbuster Assassin’s Creed came on the heels of slow-burning melodrama The Light Between the Oceans, and his latest project sees him take another sharp turn, this time back to the offbeat world of the British indie flick. In Trespass Against Us, he plays Chad Cutler, a lovable rogue from England’s West Country traveller community who is caught between the powerful bonds of family and the desire to escape life on the legal margins.
Complete with note-perfect local accent, Fassbender’s perennial rebel taunts the local police, chases rabbits through fields in a Subaru and, when asked by his father Colby (Brendon Gleeson), earns money by burgling the local well-to-do. The strains, though, begin to show and his desire to offer his son greater choices than he had – Colby’s distrust of school ensured Chad still can’t read or write – eat away at the film’s pivotal father-son relationship.
First-time director Adam Smith, noted for directing videos for the likes of The Chemical Brothers and The Streets, allows us inside this semi-lawless world but retains an arm’s-length, morally neutral approach that neither romanticises nor demonises the protagonists. For every glint in the eye or Dukes of Hazzard-style car-chase, there’s an act of needless violence or a slice of wince-inducing homespun ignorance – usually via Colby.
In the end, though, the overriding message seems to be the somewhat depressing realisation that you can never fully escape the circumstances into which you’re born.
In cinemas from February 23


The Worthy (18)
The latest film from Ali Mustafa is a post-apocalyptic thriller in which two strangers infiltrate a community that has found a clean water source. And that’s when the horror unfolds.
In cinemas from February 23


Hidden Figures (15)
Octavia Spencer (The Help, Divergent) stars in an account of female African-American maths geniuses who provided NASA with essential data during John Glenn’s landmark space missions.
In cinemas from February 23


Rangoon (18)
Kangana Ranaut and Shahid Kapoor star in this epic story about an actress from the 1940s who is dragged to Burma to entertain British troops – only to fall in love with a young Indian soldier.
In cinemas from February 23


Loving (18)
Powerful drama centred on the real-life legal battles of inter-racial couple Richard and Mildred Loving in 1960s Virginia. With their marriage deemed illegal, they take it to the Supreme Court.
In cinemas from February 23


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