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YouTube is launching a service to take on Netflix



Deciding which streaming service to choose is a mighty confusing affair. Yes, everyone knows Netflix, but what if you want to watch Preacher, for example? Or catch the latest movies first? Well, you might have to opt for Amazon Prime or Sky, respectively. There’s a good load more out there too, and as of very very soon, there’ll be another one scrambling for your attention.

That’s because online video giant YouTube has announced its entry into the subscription TV market, with YouTube TV. For a monthly fee of $35 you’ll get six separate accounts and the opportunity to watch over 40 big cable channels. It’s launching in America first, and some of the networks on board include ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC – with all shows available to be recorded and stored in the cloud, meaning there’s unlimited storage.

Then, to bring it into Netflix territory, there will be full access to YouTube’s separate streaming catalogue – YouTube Red – which contains exclusive, original TV shows and movies (most of which are awful), and is expected to grow massively.

You’ll be able to watch content on any device, except in certain situations – in the US, NFL has a deal with Verizon that has exclusivity when it comes to mobile streaming, for example. There’s no date on a worldwide release yet, but it’ll be rolling out in America fairly shortly, so if it proves popular then chances are it’ll head over this way relatively soon.

It’s probably just different enough from Netflix that they don’t need to start worrying just yet, but perhaps once YouTube Red stops making movies like Jingle Ballin, which according to CNet “is a short about a YouTuber who is homesick for the holidays” (wow) and steps up their original content game, maybe the race will well and truly be on.

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