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New movie teaser hits Dubai with a giant wave



Warner Bros. Pictures’ new movie is taking Dubai’s recent wet weather to a new level! A teaser for Geostorm posted to their Facebook page already has over 700,000 views, as it shows a massive wave rising from the sea and sweeping across Dubai.

The movie, directed by Dean Devlin, is about climate-control failure casing a worldwide storm. The first teasers erupted onto social media showing the effect of this carnage around the world. Brasil and Mubai teasers have also been shared all over the web.

Geostorm stars Gerard Butler, Jim Sturgess, Abbie Cornish, Ed Harris and Andy Garcia and is set for release this October.

The Dubai teaser has gained thousands of shares and comments. Some people have commented to explain why it’s scientifically impossible… but then again, it is a fictional movie.

What do you think of the full teaser? The trailer comes out on Thursday!

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