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TRAILER: 5 films in UAE cinemas this week



Beauty and the Beast (PG13)
Disney gets all self-referential in this live-action remake of the 1991 animated classic, which was, of course, an adaptation of the 18th century fairy tale written by Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve. What that means is that all of the music, the technicolour spectacle and, most importantly, the additional characters are retained in this big-budget production – including the talking candle Lumière (Ewan McGregor), Le Fou (an over-the-top Josh Gad), a talking teapot (Emma Thompson) and the dastardly local dandy Gaston (Luke Evans), whose attentions are forever trained on Belle (a suitably demur and unyielding Emma Watson).
For more modern tastes, there is also a dash of gothic darkness to the cinematography, and at times it dips its toe into Snow White and the Huntsman territory with all its creepy forests and crepuscular light. Overall, though, there is sufficient charm, smarts and vulnerability from its leading lady, who hasn’t always convinced in adult roles post Harry Potter, and enough trademark cross-generational humour to keep everyone engaged. Rather like last year’s semi-live-action Jungle Book, it respects its forebear but manages to exist in its own universe.
In cinemas from March 16

Before I Fall (PG13)
This buzzy indie-flick blends Chloe Moretz vehicle If I Stay with Groundhog Day – and maybe a dash of A Christmas Carol – in an appreciate-the-important-stuff fairy tale. Zoey Deutch stars.
In cinemas from March 16


Sleepless (18)
Another film about corrupt cops sees Jamie Foxx and rapper TI – who knows a few things about the criminal justice system – get tied up in a drug deal that has horrible consequences when it goes awry.
In cinemas from March 16


The Hollow Point (18)
Another tale of US border-town shenanigans as Patrick Wilson (The Conjuring, Lakeview Terrace) gets the chance to cowboy up with old stager Ian McShane to stop increasing crime.
In cinemas from March 16


Nocturama (18)
Pushed back a week in the schedules, this dark French thriller about a group of young Parisians who unleash a wave of terror across the city is definitely the talk of the cinemas in Europe.
In cinemas from March 16

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