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Ed Sheeran says he doesn’t die in his ‘Game of Thrones’ cameo



People had two primary emotions when it was announced that Ed Sheeran would be getting a cameo in the new season of Game of Thrones: either “I don’t care”, or “Oh, I really hope he dies”.

Well bad news, nerds, he’s not gonna die. In an interview he told The Daily Star: “I do know which role I’m going to play,” before adding: “I don’t die in it. I don’t die.”

Which leaves the door open for him to come back at the end of season eight – like, right at the very end, just as Jon/Daenerys is about sit on the Iron Throne and be crowned as leader of the Seven Kingdoms – and lob their head off, plonk himself down on the seat and sing an 30-minute extended version of ‘Galway Girl’ directly down the lens of the camera.

“I’m only in it for like five minutes,” he added.

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