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Did she shoot? New ‘Orange is the New Black’ teaser



The finale of Orange is the New Black’s fourth season left viewers on tenterhooks as inmate Daya Diaz pointed a gun at guard Humphrey’s head during a prison-wide riot.

And it looks like the cliffhanger might just be over with this season five trailer released by Netflix today.


The final few seconds of the trailer hear a ringing gunshot across a black screen, so she definitely shoots, though whether Daya kills Humphrey or not hasn’t yet been revealed.

The new season is set to take place in real time over three days, and a Netflix press release suggests that “life at Litchfield will never be the same” after the riot.

“Picking up right where we left off, season five takes you back to that contentious moment in the prison’s halls where decisions made will forever affect those inside, and outside the gates,” Netflix write.

The new season will be available on Netflix on Friday, 9 June.

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