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The first teaser trailer for Star Wars The Last Jedi has landed



Star Wars fans rejoice: the first teaser trailer for Episode VIII: The Last Jedi has landed.

The two minute clip was unveiled at the Star Wars Celebration in Orlando and opens with Rey, who appears to be in training, with Mark Hamill’s Luke Skywalker uttering his first words in the new movies: “Breathe,” he says, before ominously warning, “I only know one truth. It’s time for the Jedi to end.”

Finn (John Boyega), Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) and BB-8 are all seen again in the clip, while we know that Chewbacca will also be back too in the eighth instalment of the classic saga, with this one directed by Rian Johnson.

The film, of course, will mark the last appearance in the franchise for Carrie Fisher, who died last year, as she plays General Leia Organa. Disney boss Bob Iger said earlier this month, “Carrie Fisher has been an iconic part in this franchise from the very beginning. We all miss her. She had great talent and wit. We’re proud that this movie coming up is part of her legacy.”

The Last Jedi hits UK cinemas on 15 December 2017.


Even though it wasn’t filmed in the UAE nor were we in it this time… we at ShortList are still really looking forward to seeing the latest installment.

If you’re a bit lost, here’s what we’re referring to…

Several scenes of Star Wars The Force Awakens were filmed in the UAE and, when they announced that they were holding open castings, we were there elbowing people out of the way (if that was you, we’re sorry) and after roughly three temper tantrums (it was really hot) our Comercial Director Mark Pickup bagged a role as a security guard in the Smugglers Market.

Here’s a lowdown of Mark’s experience…

Star Wars role: A security guard at Smugglers Market – I was one of only five extras who got to carry a weapon! The laser gun was 60cm long, strapped to my left leg and was security chipped. I had to check it in and out after every scene.

Scenes: On the very first morning, I was well out of camera shot, so as each take was recorded I kept edging myself closer to the camera. JJ Abrams noticed and came over to me and said, “Sir, I am envious of your height but please could you walk in that direction for 10 minutes!” and I spent day one and day two miles out of shot. Day three, though, I was in the thick of the action in the middle of a shoot-out with Stormtroopers in the Smugglers Market. One of the best days of my life!

Souvenirs pinched: I’m from Liverpool, of course I did! I nabbed an oil can from the Smugglers Market.

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