#BowWowChallenge has made its way to Dubai with the worst Photoshops

When it comes to memes and trending hashtags no celebrity is free from the funny and (at times) twisted comedy of the interweb.

From Kim Kardashian’s infamous crying face to Salt Bae’s signature pose, they’ve all been mocked (mostly in good humour), the latest celebrity facing the comedic wrath of the internet? Shad Gregory Moss, formerly known as Bow Wow.

If you’re unaware of it, here’s what you need to know… the 30-year-old posted a snap claiming that he was heading to New York City on a private jet, however, a fan spotted the CSI Cyber actor flying economy on a commercial airline just hours later.

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The fan posted the snap on social media and gave life to what we now know as the #bowwowchallenge.

Since its conception two days ago, the “challenge” has seen thousands of twitter users mock the actor with poorly Photoshopped images of them boarding their very own private jets, some of which were supposedly heading to Dubai.

Bow Wow Challenge

Others have taken the opportunity to highlight their very own “luxe” life (we particularly like the designer slippers…).

Some people, however, don’t find the challenge half as funny. In fact xXx: Return of Xander Cage actress Ruby Rose thinks it’s quite negative and considers it a form of bullying.

In an attempt to get people to stop, the 31-year-old actress wrote a public letter urging people to spread love and not hate.

The letter which she posted on her Instagram story read: “There are serious issues in the world many fueled by hate and judgement. Perhaps more than ever we have asked for love and tolerance to our fellow humans.

“If we want to be a more accepting and understanding society, we have to apply it to everything we do.

“The trending #bowwowchallenge says more about society than it does about him.”

She added: “We should feel compassion if someone can’t see that they themselves are enough. Say he did post pictures of cars and jets he doesn’t have? Perhaps that’s coming from insecurity or areas of self-worth.

“Say YOU posted about this… where did it come from? But not love but from a place where love doesn’t exist. Most probably from similar insecurities. We are just mirrors of each other.

“Happiness doesn’t come from private jets the same way it doesn’t come from pack mentality bullying.”

What do you think? Has the internet gone a bit too far this time?

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