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Quentin Tarantino’s new movie will be based on an infamous real murder case



Good old Quentin Tarantino – making movies an’ that. Being all shouty and enthusiastic about things – cinema would be less exciting without him. Especially if you, erm, like films based on real-life horrific multiple murders.

Yeah, Tino (that’s what I call him when we hang out and look at pictures of feet) is prepping a new movie all about the infamous Manson murders. If you’re unaware, back in 1969, a number of psycopaths, under the order of notorious cult leader Charles Manson, broke into Roman Polanski’s house and murdered his pregnant wife, Sharon Tate, and four others at the residence.

It’s been covered in films before, of varying quality (mostly baaaaad), so maybe Quentin can do it justice. Not that I necessarily think anybody should actually be making a film about these specific murders, but hey, Tarantino’s not one to shy away from controversy.

Either way, he’s been shopping his script around with the help of Bob and Harvey Weinstein, and has supposedly been in contact with Brad Pitt and Jennifer Lawrence for as yet unnamed parts (although an insider has said that Lawrence isn’t considering the Sharon Tate role).

Really, not much is known about the direction the film will take, or even if it’ll closely follow what actually happened – Tarantino has been known to bend or completely change the truth, as seen in Inglourious. As long as he’s respectful to the people involved, I guess – although there’s no word on whether Polanski’s camp have given it their blessing.

Either way, it’s looking to start shooting in the summer of 2018, so we’ve got quite a while to wait until it hits our screens. Oop, that’s Tino on the phone, gtg.

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