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Harry Potter fans can now apply for real-life jobs at the real-life Hogwarts



Yes, yes, Harry Potter is a fictional character and Hogwarts is a fictional school, but bear with us here.

If you’re a Potter fan, you’ll be well aware of the ‘real’ Hogwarts at the Warner Bros studio in London. You might have even gone on a tour of the place.

You’re probably also the type of person who’s done as much reading up as possible, be it the original books, the first set of background books, or the new ones on their way this year.

So you’re a big enough fan to visit the studios and have a look around, but are you a big enough fan to quit your job and literally go and work there?

If you answered ‘yes’, you might have a chance very soon.

According to the studio tour careers site, there will be an on-site assessment day this Friday for anyone in search of a career change that’s more in tune with their favourite film franchise/book series.

You’ll have to get to Leavesden, near Watford in Hertfordshire, UK, (it looks like we have a long weekend after all) but don’t start planning your journey just yet.

It probably makes sense for you to look at the job details first, unless you’re the sort of person that would do anything to be able to write the words ‘Harry Potter’ on your CV.

Oh, you are? Well I guess my work here is done.

But just in case, here’s a little more on what’s on offer.

Some of the jobs will carry the title ‘Warehouse Associate’. We tried jazzing all of these up by prefacing them with ‘Harry Potter and the…’. Maybe that will work for you too – give it a go.

According to the job description, this role will involve taking in deliveries of stock and transporting it to and from the tour itself, as well as distributing merchandise to retail areas.

Of course, it’s impossible to guess exactly what that will entail, but it looks like whoever gets this job may well get to see a lot of the items from the tour before anyone else. And, based on photos from the tour’s official Instagram page, that could mean costumes, props, and a lot more.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for more interaction in your role, you can apply for the role of…wait for it…’Interactor’.

That particular job involves conducting Personal Guided Tours and VIP Tours, among other things, so it feels like you’ll have to know your Harry Potter onions to land the role.

Among the accountabilities listed is an ability to ‘Proactively engage and assist visitors using interpretation skills, Harry Potter movie awareness, movie making knowledge and scripted support sheets, in how best to maximize the enjoyment of their day.

In practical terms that means ‘Sharing interesting facts, stories, statistics and information, of the full range of experiences, products and services available to them at appropriate points in the Visitor Journey within brand guidelines.’

Those applying for the interactor role should have ‘Knowledge of and an interest in the Harry Potter Story and/or film making’, according to the official job description, though we imagine that almost certainly applies to any of you who are still reading.

If public speaking and showing off your Harry Potter knowledge are big things for you, go ahead and apply. You’ll have to be quick, though.

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